All About Epoxy Floors


Epoxy garage floor coatings have endless benefits.

From the protection and durability, style and flair, and the overall value increase they give your home.  You might think you want an epoxy floor, but you have some questions. 

Are floor coatings for my garage only? 

Can I get a concrete coating inside my home? 

Are protective floor coatings only meant for warehouses and commercial spaces? 

Can I coat my garage floor in 1 day? 

What are 1-day garage floor coatings? 

Can I find a reputable epoxy coatings company near me?

First, let’s look into what epoxy coatings really are and how they’re installed.

Though many associate epoxy floor coatings with auto-shops, warehouses, commercial spaces, and other businesses, they are on the rise with homeowners across Palm Beach and all over South Florida. 

Today, we will cover a (preferred) thorough, multi-step preparation process that ensures the coating will ‘become one’ with your concrete slab. 

Here’s how:

Installers will start by fully profiling your floor’s surface by grinding it with concrete-specific diamond grinders that are matched to the hardness of your concrete. 

It is critical to use tooling that is specific to the hardness of your concrete to ensure a smooth surface preparation, (improper tolling can cause issues with epoxy adhesion.)

Next, they will repair any cracks or uneven spots by applying 100% solids to patch them up – then these repairs are fully prepped for a perfectly smooth surface. 

(Commonly used, we recommend semi-rigid polyurea joint filler)

Now, you have a nice clean slate for a state-of-the-art epoxy coatings system to be applied.

When it comes to the basecoat, they aren’t just ‘throwing some floor paint down’ – no way! 

A reputable company will utilize top-of-the-line self-priming epoxy that actually adheres to your concrete surface. 

Since concrete is porous, epoxy will actually soak into, and ‘become one’ with your concrete slab, as mentioned above. 

This creates an unbreakable bond, so your concrete slab would actually BREAK before the protective coating comes off! 

Keep in mind, it takes a ton (literally) of force to break concrete, so you shouldn’t worry about that…

We’re just making the point that these coatings are super-protective of your surface beneath, are scientifically proven to be 2x stronger than the concrete itself, offering ultimate durability and protection. 

You might be thinking, “okay, so what happens next?” Great question! 

Once the pure epoxy basecoat is applied, they will apply full broadcast flakes of your color choice, which not only help to protect the basecoat but offer a stylish finish for your garage floor.

Full broadcast flakes are always preferred over partial broadcast flakes.

(They are far more durable and look better!)

Next, they will completely clean the area by scraping away any excess flakes for a nice smooth finish, then remove all loose and excess flakes from your floor and surrounding areas with industrial-grade vacuums and blowers. 

Once the floor is cleaned and flaked, now comes the fun part… 

(For this particular example, we’ll be covering an epoxy / polyaspartic application process)

They will apply the final topcoat of pure, 100% UV-stable Polyaspartic, to ensure a final protective layer over your new floor coating. 

These proprietary coatings systems are made up of epoxy and polyaspartic, for ultimate durability and industrial-grade protection. 

As you can see, a lot goes into a long-lasting protective garage floor coating.

And did you know, this can be done in 1-day for a standard garage? Yes! 

Many companies offer 1-day epoxy garage floor coatings. 

Here are some common questions with 1-day garage floor coatings. 

When is my garage floor fully cured? 

Epoxy floor coatings are dry within 6 hours but have not finished curing yet. The full cure time is 75 hours.

When can I walk on it? 

It is recommended that you wait at least 24 hours before walking on it (light foot traffic.) 

When can I move my stuff back in or park my car on it? 

Once you have waited the full 75-hour cure time, you are good to park your car and move your stuff back into the garage. 

How do I maintain my epoxy floor coating? 

We personally recommend Simple Green as the best solution to clean your floors with.

(Other providers may have varying opinions)

What If I spill oil or other chemicals on my epoxy floor? 

Not to worry, epoxy floor coatings are chemical resistant! 

Simply clean it up with some Simple Green.

What If my animals make a mess on the floor? 

Not to worry, epoxy coatings are also ammonia resistant! 

Simply clean your floor with Simple Green. 

What chemicals could damage my floor?

Battery acid will eat through Polyaspartic over time, so be sure not to spill any, or clean it up fast if any is spilled on your floor coating. 

Are there any sharp edges or rough patches? 

Absolutely not! Properly installed coatings are smooth and shiny – no sharp edges on professional epoxy floor coatings. 

Are epoxy floor coatings safe for my kids to walk/play on?

Absolutely. Epoxy floor coatings are Antibacterial and Antimicrobial, making them perfectly safe for children to come into contact with. 

Can I get an epoxy floor coating in my warehouse or business? 

Absolutely! Epoxy floor coatings are industrial-grade and perfect for commercial spaces including warehouses, restaurants, laboratories, salons, barbershops, tattoo shops, retail spaces, showrooms, auto shops, dealerships, veterinary clinics, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, animal shelters, schools, education centers, & MORE!

If you have an indoor concrete slab, it can be coated! 

Can I get an epoxy floor coating inside my home?

Yes! A full broadcast flake system can be applied on any concrete slab indoors.

Can I get an epoxy floor coating in my laundry room or kitchen? 

You guessed it, yes! Epoxy coatings work perfectly fine indoors. 

Are these epoxy floor coatings covered under a warranty? 

Depending on the installer, yes. For example, at Palm Beach Epoxy, our 1-day garage floor coatings are backed by a lifetime warranty against delamination. 

Why should I choose epoxy floor coatings? 

Epoxy coatings are decorative, protective, have industrial-grade strength, and add value to your home – they can make your space a work of art!